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Pressure Washing Services:


City Building & Design LTD specialist pressure washing services team have the expertise in all aspects of exterior surface cleaning, Using the latest in high power washing technology and get professional results. The pressure washing equipment our engineers use are professional high pressure machines.

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Jet washing services are an effective cleaning method which removes grime, moss, mud and any other dirt. We recommend that you use this service when your patio or drive starts changing its colour to green or gets muddy, to avoid outdoor slippage. Here’s a short list with surfaces we can jet wash:

·     Paved areas 

·     Patios made of sandstone, limestone, or blue stone

·     Brick and concrete surfaces, including walls no higher than 2 metres

·     Garden paths made of stone, terracotta, bricks, granite, or marble

·     Wooden and composite deckings

·     Fences - up to 2 metres in height

·     Garden furniture

·     Balconies - if there is drainage

Note: In order to perform the service, our team need will need access to electricity and water.

I had a very good experience with City Building & Design . He helped me renovate my flat in the most professional, quick and efficient way. the results are very high-quality so Im really happy with the overall work! Also during the whole process, Hamid was really friendly and reliable always available and easy to coordinate with. He also gave me very good advices and I could see he is very capable in his field. I would highly recommend him and his team for all types of works you might need to do in your home!



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Our company has many years of experience and specializes in manufacturing, selling, servicing, and repairing Cardan shafts (cards) for various vehicles.

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